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Ground Kit

Indoor and outdoor grounding kits for lightning protection

It’s used for grounding protector for the indoor and outdoor feeder cables. It’s easy for installation and performance reliable .Sizes available for 1/4″,1/2″,3/8″,7/8″,1-1/4″,1-5/8″ and so on. Other types available according to the customers’ requirements, such as the standard type, gemel type framework type and so on. The products are RoHS compliant.

Gemel type grounding kit is a new designed for reliable outdoor grounding of today’s usual corrugated coaxial cable and RG cables. With compact design & high quality material, gemel type grounding kit offers Quick and easy installation, No loose piece parts, Corrosion resistant & reusable.

Components & material of gemel grounding kit

Contact: Tin plated copper strap, will be processed to corrugated or smooth to fit the braided or corrugated cable.